About Us?

We are a Company in the field of Construction specializing in Engineering, Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, Piping and Electromechanical Installations.

We are totally dedicated to providing our clients with a comprehensive service that guarantees their engineering and industrial construction projects, and the manufacture of capital goods on time, cost and planned quality through the implementation of the Project Management methodology. Institute (PMI).

We want to be a key part of the growth of the national and international industry by ensuring that what we build, manufacture and install optimizes the operation and production of our clients.

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Companies served

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Fulfilled projects

Project investment ranges:

$ 50, 000 usd
$ 35,000,000 usd

Why work with us?

We have more than 35 years of experience

We are ” Thinkers before doers “

Advanced project management criteria

We guarantee projects through bonds

Exceptional skills to resolve complex situations

Specialized management team with extensive experience in development and implementation

Full compliance with social security, industrial and hygiene standards, as well as government regulations

We work with the certification system of the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Customer Benefits

A clear conceptualization of your ideas

Optimization of your investment budget

Guarantee of execution of your project in time, cost and quality

Greater efficiency in production processes

Accurately projected return on investment

We exceed your expectations with the results